Session OutlineEdit

The group awakens the next day. Two things happen here: first, two members of the caravan have mysteriously died over night. Their deaths are not easily explained, and appear peaceful. The only link is that both people were directly involved in cleaning up the caravan good from the spilled wagon. The cultists have poisoned them in the night to keep them from talking about what they saw. 

Second, Caelynn has, finally, been recognized. she notices one of the cultists watching her intently. If this goes on more than one day past the one we begin on, he will try to kill her in the night and will surprise her and attempt to assassinate her in silence. 

Following this vignette, we jump ahead another 3 ten days. Bernard has come to rely heavily on Johnny and Freddy, as the party has so often been distrcted by other things. The caravan arrives at the inn at Daggerford, where a few people join the caravan for the final six days to Waterdeep. 

Chief among these is Melindra Glammmergold, a female gnome, a member of the Black Thieves of the Zhentarim, and a scoundrel.

Additionally, there is Azbara Jos, a Thayan man who wears a Tuuk in order to hide is shaved head and tattoos, which identify him as both a Thayan, but a particularly skillful peek at the tattoos might out him as a Red Wizard. He buys passage with one of the cult wagons, and basically refuses to sopeak to anyone but the caravan boss of the cultists. 

The day after leaving Daggerford, the characters have an opportunity to note Glammergold's watching them, and two days later (4 days out, she comes to talk to them in the morning). Two days after that, (two days out), a cultist is brutally murdered and Torment is blamed for it. The cultists zero in on Torment with hate, even after the accusations die off.

The caravan reaches Waterdeep at the end of the adventure. 

  The dead women are Deena and Tomila, both of their partners/bosses are named Roderick, since Roderick was a very popular name during that time