The party went to the meeting with Ereven, who exhorted them to return to the Dragon Cultists' camp and spy. After gathering some information, they are treated to a visit from Goofus, who challenges them to a game of chance. Each of the party agrees, and three of the party gain a point in an attribute they do not have proficiency in. The others must lose a point in a skill that is of their proficiencies The party goes to the General, at the General store, and stocks up on needed goods, then to the herbalist, who doesn't have much for them. She offers to sell them healing potions at a slightly inflated price due to high demand, but the party doesn't really have the cash to afford too many.

Session OutlineEdit

The party awakes refreshed in Greenest and are summoned to meet with Ereven. He asks them to return to the camp to seek out more intel on the comings and goings of the cult. He doesn't think they are going to act immeidately, but needs to know what their next moves will be. He tells them that he is going to meet Ontharr Frume, a dwarven paladin, and an elven friend, Varis, in the town of Elthurel.

The party will prepare, travel back to the encampment, and traverse the cave. 

This episode I was really lazy preparing and am sorry avout such a thing.