Summary Edit

The party begins its assault of the dragon cave. Caelynn drops a cloud of fog on the guards at the front, and the party stealthily takes them out prior to their making any noise. It doesn't all go that well for them, however, as they trip the stairway trap entering the next room and three of them slide into the waiting stalks of violet fungus. The party finishes them off, but not until some wounds are taken. Ana heals Tonans and the party moves on to their next disaster, waking the bats and stirges and taking even more punishment. They end the session bruised but alive in the third chamber of the cave, sizing up their options.

Session Outline Edit

The adventurers are likely to explore the cave of the Dragon cult, and will face off against but Cyanwrath and maybe even Mondath. Adventures ar sure to be afoot. It is my hope that the party finally chugs a bottle of McGuffin's, kicking off that phase of the adventure. 25 gold up from and 150GP on completion of the information.