Summary Edit

The party stayed on the boat and told stories, with Dr. Bratwurst leading the way with an almost incoherent story that was nonetheless fascinating. Once upon a time in Mexico there was a young dark elf that had a mark that was eaten by a cookie monster. The child was eaten.

Torment was told that the temple of Nephthys may have information that are prophecies about those called the "marked." Prophecies talking about the mark, those who gain it goes mad. Temple of Nephthys

The party all tried their hand at fishing and managed to land the legendary Salmon. They asked about the mark, which is how they learned about the "marked."

The party arrived at Baldur's Gate and was allowed to enter after the boat crew hired stevedores to carry their goods.

Bratwurst has kidney bruise

Tonans has a hoop making skill.

Now Torment is "the marked"

Session OutlineEdit

The party will complete their journey to Baldur's Gate. This will take three days.

Day 1: 

The party will once again have a day to create their own adventure. Torment will find that the mark ahs begiun to elongate. This will eventually begin to form the outline of a Chthulu-like monster. This day will cost him 2HP. The mark will grow without pain if the bone is kept upon it. 

Day 2: the terrain becomes impassable around the Chionthar and the river shockingly deep. The team can attempt to land a legendary fish in this area, a magnificent Salmon rumored to have magical powers. To catch this fish will require a fishing check of DC 19, followed by a team effort (both at 15, to keep the fish moving toward the boat. Finally, a third will have to net the mighty beast. 

If captured, the fish will offer to answer a question from one of the captors. each person may either arm wrestle or have a starting contest (str or intimidation) for the right to ask the fish.

The fish will answer, then disappear in a flash of magical light, leaving behind 

Day 3: 

The group lands at Baldur's Gate and finds their contact, Darryl, at the Gilded Pigeon. He will refer them to the caravan master for northward hires, Howard Ryan Rep (HR Rep). He talks like Reagan. The team can get hired on by various caravan drivers. If they decide to post some kind of watchers they will see some of the cultists bringing wagons of goods into the city. Because of the steep, narrow roads, wagonsare not allowed in the city