Session SummaryEdit

As expected, the party did check out both the north and south parts of Baldur's Gate and they received the portion of the poem that gives a hint to Torment's condition. They arranged to join two different teams in the caravan north, working as guards and supervisors. The caravan is set to leave.

Session OutlineEdit

The group lands at Baldur's Gate and finds their contact, Darryl, at the Gilded Pigeon. He will refer them to the caravan master for northward hires, Howard Ryan Rep (HR Rep). He talks like Reagan. The team can get hired on by various caravan drivers. If they decide to post some kind of watchers they will see some of the cultists bringing wagons of goods into the city. Because of the steep, narrow roads, wagons, pack animals, and dogs are not allowed in the city.

I suspect at least Torment will want to head for a library and find information about the marked. After many hours of searching, they find that most of the histories are vague, at best, and contradictory and misleading at worst. In one dusty tome, they find a scrap of poetry:

In elder days of ancient gods

Whence e'en the dragon feared to  tread

Those pocked with madness idle waited

Marked and losing life's own thread

They also find that the best records of the elves' mythology suggest a time before the known gods when far greater creatures had dominion over the forgotten realms. Little is known about them but that they subjegated primitive men, dwarves and elves alike and were generally horrible

After the caravan sets out, there are random events on:

Day 1 Morning: Spider Woods

Three Ettercaps and Two Giant Spiders attack the caravan in a forest. 

Day 4 Morning: Contraband

A wagon overturns and spills caravan contents, it is a cult wagon. Some witnesses are killed over night. 

Day 5 Afternoon: The Golden Hind

Great golden stag leads the adventurers on a merry chaase

Day 10 Afternoon: Fungus Humongous

Giant mushroom that seems to feel pain. Characters have to man/woman up to clear it, 'cause it's sad.

Day 11 First rest stop: Bane of the Mountains 

Two perytons swoop in to attack.