Summary: Edit

Party chatted outside of Greenest with Tonans leading much of the discussion. Pretty much everyone plays it close to the vest (infuriating) with their character origins. Tonans does great trying to pry information, and giving some of his own.

Party enters town and notices Uncle Jesse sliding out of the shadows. They reach the edge of town and proceed to sneak toward the keep, though Tonans and Ana stay back a bit to assess the situation. Where they meet Linan and Tom Swift and decide to help. Uncle Jesse takes front and Torment charges headlong into the fray. Tonans climbs to a nearby balcony for a better angle to fire his bow. Caelynn and Ana take up positions to protect the children. Caelynn falls down on her first effort to attack, but redeems herself by saving one of the kids from a kobold. The koblolds are defeated without much incident, and Caelynn and Torment take the smaller kids in arms (the one with Torment sticks his finger up his nose, and smiles). This should be a running joke for a while, at least. Linan expressed concern as to Uncle Jesse's racial heritage, but appreciates the help.

The party sneaks toward the keep, avoiding a group of kobolds and raiders, but on their return, Uncle Jesse approaches them. Though the raiders begin by assuming that Uncle Jesse is just a cultist out of uniform, Uncle Jesse attacks, and is immediately knocked unconscious. The rest of the party is forced to fight, and Ana attempts to stabilize the dying Uncle Jesse. She is unsuccessful, but Linan rushes forward to provide the needed aid. The party wins the fight, but not without significant injury. Ana ties up Uncle Jesse's hands, becoming his captor. Uncle Jesse does not resist his -temporary? -bondage, and aids the party in sneaking past the final raider group before entering the keep.

As the party enters the keep, Lennithon, an adult blue dragon, appears and begins to lay waste to the town.

Session Ouline Edit

Party beings in smallish caravan outside of Greenest. 4pm.

  1. Will see smoke around 8pm when they reach final hills.
    • Some smoke a bit earlier, indistinguishable from normal
    • gets thicker and thicker

Seek the Keep

  • Linan Swift, Husband Tom, 2 small children
    • Linan is an artisanal Turnip Farmer, studying and developing methods of "Making Turnips Taste Good"
  • Enemies: Kobolds, 8
  • Three Groups to sneak/defeat
    • 4 Kobold, 3 Cultist
    • 4 Kobold, 3 Cultist
    • 5 Kobold, 1 Winged Kobold, 3 Cultist
  • AS THEY ENTER THE KEEP, THE BLUE DRAGON, Lennithon, appears over the horizon and attacks the keep and town!!