Player Name Edit

Jonathan Clark

Race/Alignment Edit

Human Fighter, Lawful Good

Backstory - My Notes Edit

The son of the legendary hero, Tonitris, who was instrumental in the rediscovery and recovery of the Lost Mine of Phandelver, Tonans is both impressed by and oppressed by, the shadow of his father. He is claustrophobic and wants to fight dragons (and be a farmer).

Backstory - Player Generated Edit

Tonans, besides the claustrophobia, also feels a bit smothered by the reputation of his father. Thus, going to Greenest and pursuing agriculture is his way of trying to make it on his own and establish his own identity. His dad never did dislodge the dragon that supposedly took over the town he grew up in (memory fails me--Thundertree or something like that--It's mentioned on that canned character sheet), so Tonans revels in the idea of someday getting the best of a dragon. But he hopes the dragon isn't in a cave. Age--20.

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